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fyodor imagines tumblr Follow. There is a relative parental role Mori took on which came with the Port Mafia boss, and he would know Chuya the best out of everyone. Hypmic, Bungou Stray Dogs, Mob Psycho 100, D. . Hear me out on this, Fyodor could possibly be a vampire. Gray-Man, No. Fyodor: Straight from the coffee pot! Prince Andrey: Bitter, like my soul. That’s about as close to ‘I love you’ as the Doctor can get. ” Your warm smile greets him as he walks into the room. ღ Category: Headcanon. “Pan, there’s a pirate ship on the East end of the beach. She is so close to Chuya that he considers her an older sister, so I wouldn’t be Plus, I just can’t really imagine Fyodor having a romantic relationship with any of the other characters so far. We’ll have imagines, headcanons, preferences, and maybe a few drabbles here and there, so feel free to spam the ask with prompts! Jul 17, 2021 · I post. Both of your spies end up dead of course. Genre: Fluff, love. Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Reblog. dwedit doctor who userksusha dwgif timelordgifs clara oswald twelfth doctor eleventh doctor eleven x clara whouffaldi whouffaldiedit you guys can't imagine how happy I am to finally use this tag bbelcher cinemapix dailyshowbiz filmtv tvandfilm myedit clara's like please don't change and I'm like please CHANGE i love matt but dear god THIS is Although Fyodor would never admit it, he loves it when you pamper him. sorry for my English . Jun 03, 2021 · Zhongli: One Month Friendship VS One Year Friendship. Summary: It was Christmas day and you and your boyfriend were opening your gifts, then you started remembering every moment you´ve lived with him through them. xaviera-cookies. Mar 09, 2021 · Time for physical affections. whenever Elijah would turn on his side, you took that as an opportunity to shimmer over and take up more of the bed. That means he memorised ALL those 'scratches and marks' at the back of the 52 cards in mere 300 seconds!?? Fyodor Icons! anime anime gif bungo stray dogs icons dazai osamu bsd bsd icons bsd wan dazai icons dazai imagines mafia dazai bsd fyodor fyodor dostoyevsky bsd atsushi nakajima chuuya headcanons bungou stray dogs chuuya entwining your hands with charles and pulling them to wrap around your body and hug you from behind. bungou sd bungou stray dogs bsd bsd fyodor fyodor dostoevsky dazai osamu bsd dazai Considering the fact it’s canon fyodor likes pretty people did he write sigma pretty on purpose like imagine this: Fyodor: “Ok here i go!!” ️ “pretty man in his twenties with a weak emotional state” ️ Jul 05, 2019 · Permalink. sorry for the small font] Consent is definitely sexy. You were in the paddocks having a meeting, you were stood infront of Charles and gently took ahold of his hands. Mar 01, 2017 · Fyodor would be concerned about his kid’s safety especially in this case, as the child may be put in more danger due to having an ability. I just decided to draw these 3 together one day for no reason and so, here we are. Imagine having secret codes with your fictional crush. bsd bungou stray dogs bungo stray dogs fyodor dostoyevsky fyodor dostoevskt bsd fyodor bsd fyodor dostoyevsky bsd headcanon headcanons bsd headcanons damn i am never on tumblr sorry moots i'm on twitter A LOT though!! but you'll Mar 08, 2021 · I used to imagine adventures for myself, I invented a life, so that I could at least exist somehow. I participate in russian rwby zine, but they sell copies abroad too. imagine being pregnant with fyodors child but you don’t want to tell him bc what if the kid has some ability too?? i mean he wants to get rid of all the people with abilities. ღ Synopsis: … With A S/O Who cares for them but not herself. “Please don’t say you love me. And now, I’m leaving the blog soon. Log in Sign up. Lin Jun Liang. You heard that c/n was camping around here, so when you were invited to go, off course you were going to go. G. Empty, empty tubes. “Don't tell me you're suddenly nervous, dear. – Steven Moffat. He said, walking to your side. #Fyodor Bronnikov More you might like. Okay, hi welcome to my new imagines blog…. ” - Fyodor Dostoyevsky Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth. He just isn’t good with words and is very awkward. Aug 24, 2021 · Fyodor is the one who stays alive until the end of movie. Russians don't really buy it so we are desperately trying to find someone interested. When I was rereading Kyouka’s past, I noticed something. Jean Genet – Miracle of the Rose. ⌗ He know the effect it have on you when he tie his hair up so you can be sure that evrrytime you do the deed he while have is hair up . Princess Marya: He's lying, he likes cinnamon lattes because they remind him of Christmas. Dazai couldn’t have known about the deal that was made or he could’ve because he predicted it in one of his scenarios. Fyodor had chosen you to give his love to, and there wasn’t a question of whether or not you’d accept it. Recent Top. 49 Feb 21 2017. May 24, 2021 · Can i request a headcanon for fyodor and Sigma w a s/o who is intelligent (as much as fyodor ) and loves reading, like spending most of their times w reading this is me im not intelligent 梁but i love reading . He was so shaken by the idea of murder that he spent an entire month tormenting himself over it, lost his gut during the actual murder, and proceeded to make himself fall ill from the mental torture. Something happens that makes you nervous, and they take your hand and squeeze it gently three times. #honeydazai writes #bungou stray dogs #bsd fyodor #Bungou stray dogs imagine #Bungou stray dogs headcanons #Bsd imagines #Bsd headcanon #Bsd #Bungo stray dogs #fyodor dostoevsky #Bungou Stray dogs fyodor #fyodor imagines #Fyodor x you #fyodor x reader #fyodor x y/n #Fyodor imagine #fyodor headcanons #Sfw alphabet #💫 content … See all Nov 21, 2021 · honeydazai writes 💫 content bungou stray dogs bsd imagines bsd headcanons bsd x reader bsd x y/n bsd x you chuuya nakahara chuuya x reader bsd fyodor fyodor dostoevsky fyodor x reader fyodor x you chuuya x you Dazai osamu dazai x reader dazai x you Nikolai Gogol Dazai imagine Bsd dazai Dazai headcanons chuuya x y/n dazai x y/n fyodor x y/n Fyodor had chosen you to give his love to, and there wasn’t a question of whether or not you’d accept it. You and Sigma are kinda the main characters, who tries to stay alive 🥲; Just imagine it, it’s more scarier what you thought… You have to escape from Nikolai’s scary traps. Hey guys! We haven’t been on in forever (oops) but I thought you all might like to know that Ariel and I met R5 on Saturday! She flew in from New York to go to the Milwaukee show with me, and she bought vip tickets for my birthday :) Hope you’re all doing well and still loving our imagines May 07, 2021 · See more posts like this on Tumblr. 4. ⌗ Low key have a master servant kink that get him going for hours. enjoy your stay and my shit writing I guess. Fyodor suggested that they had a peaceful “discussion” on the current situation, but it was really Thank you so much ;-; Originally posted by peraltiagostyle99. Imagine getting the Ten Commandments together to have a movie night Nov 08, 2018 · The many intelligences of BSD characters I think one thing that makes BSD such a comfort to read and think about is the fact that the cast is so diverse, and there is something to appreciate about Elijah can tell when you have woken up from a nightmare during the night because he wakes up to you cuddled close to him with your whole body snuggled up behind him. “Hey there. Oh and uh…. ” You’d been pined after by weeks for this subordinate, one of the many expendables that worked for the Rats in the House of the Dead, and you had seen it coming. Open in app. Hélène: I drink wine. May 07, 2020 · E ven the current global pandemic that has rendered our nation into a semi-competent police state has a few silver linings. finchscodes liked this. Fyodor, from “Bungo Stray Dogs”. Originally posted by anewhamlet-deactivated20210704. thewiseone36 liked this. If you have a gif you would like to see used feel free to submit it. He doesn’t mean it like that!! He really is trying to comfort you : ( ( 💞 Sup bubs, sadly I wont be posting on this tumblr anymore cause of life things and moving on. Oct 11, 2021 · Fyodor can't possibly be human. Code for “I love you”. 3073 Feb 21 2017. if you get the reference I love you /p. ” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from the Underground (via psych-facts ) “He knows all of my secrets and still wants to kiss me. Despite being very wise, Zhongli struggles to remember your favorite things too. He actually doesn’t give a fuck as always… Ivan just follows his lord around. Normally he’s very subtle with how he shows his love for you, but when jealous, his neediness is basically triggered. They both are masters of manipulation, but their ways of going about it are entirely different. 927 notes. Tagged as bungou stray dogs soukoku dachuu osamu dazai nakahara chuuya touken ranbu au basically with dazai as mikazuki and chuuya as kiyomitsu it escalated idek. You knew falling for another man was a terrible idea, especially when being Fyodor’s partner. Dealing with his own anemia has trained his eyes to spot the signs of oncoming attacks, and your body seems like it’s trying to tell you something. 1605533111. May 23, 2019 · Can you imagine the scene 😩. #honeydazai writes #bungou stray dogs #bsd fyodor #Bungou stray dogs imagine #Bungou stray dogs headcanons #Bsd imagines #Bsd headcanon #Bsd #Bungo stray dogs #fyodor dostoevsky #Bungou Stray dogs fyodor #fyodor imagines #Fyodor x you #fyodor x reader #fyodor x y/n #Fyodor imagine #fyodor headcanons #Sfw alphabet #💫 content … See all #fyodor-x-reader. It fits him greatly, and most of all, he takes quite the liking to it. Dazai couldn’t have known about the deal that was made or he could’ve because he predicted it in one of his scenarios . what would they do? notes: ah, that would be such a scary sight; i personally can’t imagine the amount of panic i’d be in… let’s say s/o has a mild heart Mar 29, 2016 · Jealous. U do not know me, but I might have just had a realization that I'm kinda very much like Izuku, just female. Fyodor, as long as in private, can be a handsy man. ⚠️WARNINGS⚠️. ღ Crying. ღ Mentions of past abusing relationships and Friendships. So I have a request for you. Dec 20, 2018 · Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Notes from the Underground. Mar 8th, 2021. ”. ‘May you sail fare to the far fields of fortune. Not at this exact moment, but very soon. J. We need at least 8 more people. A shooting star crosses by and they secretly make a wish to always have each other in their lives. You intertwine his fingers with yours which makes him smile to himself, you pull him closer with his body on yourself and wraps it Jun 13, 2020 · Then here we have manga Fyodor Like yeah he shot Katai but at least he took his shoes off like a good houseguest not like his rude anime counterpart… Source: cest-la-vie-ma-copine exactly 😤🤚 smh anime fyodor 🙄 fyodor dostoyevsky bsd bungou stray dogs reblog :D Dec 15, 2020 · Fomgle. Jun 28, 2019 · See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Btw ur writings make me feel dancing butterflys in my stomach thank uuuuuu and love u, stay healty and happy. Felix said. #bsd #fyodor dostoevsky #insane #love quotes #salvation #Spotify #anime #anime headcanons #anime fanfic #anime x reader #bsd fandom #bsd imagines #bsd x reader #bsd fanfic #bsd drabble More you might like Jan 08, 2021 · Imagine when they finally let him do something! Chuuya reminds me so much of bossy Elise there! #bsd #bungou stray dogs #chuuya #dazai #atsushi #fyodor #fanfic #doujinshi #soukoku #rivals #fyoya #Volume 3 #chapter 8 a/n: so why not we start my BSD writing blog to have one of my first hyperfixations! so yeah it’s based on another anime. Scott Fitzgerald – Bernice Bobs Her Hair. GIF by blackheartangelism. If you wish to submit a fic, please read this. ღ Brief mentions of being sick (throwing up)(Dazai section) Sep 18, 2020 · NEW AND IMPROVED MASTERLIST THAT IS ALSO PRETTIER! 💗=Fluff 🍑=NSFW 💔=Angst Dazai with S/o with Abusive Past 💗💔 Dazai Sweet Moments 💗 Finding S/o Crying in the Closet 💗💔 Holding His Child for the First Nov 05, 2021 · Warning: angst, Fyodor having a god complex, manipulative Fyodor, Fyodor plotting murder as usual, Fyodor in general(?), mention of breaking up, hard decisions. #fyodor if you got the chance to kiss fyodor's feet, would you do it? i would beg and plead for Him to let me kiss His May 09, 2021 · Hear me out. If you brush it off, Fyodor doesn’t push, but he keeps his eyes trained on you in case his suspicions are correct. Discover more posts about fyodor x reader. in which you arent a morning person, yet you find him on the edge of your fire escape anyways. “In his very repressed, restrained way, he’s clearly as besotted with Clara as he ever was. He would also consider the danger the child will be in just by being his. imagine your otp otp otp prompts otp promts An imagine blog for x-men. If your request has already been done, your request will most likely be deleted. Pierre: Strong, so I don't need to sleep. The ability’s name is “Bungou Stay Dogs” obviously. like. seeingteacupsindragons. Velvet Worms are found across the tropics and southern hemisphere, and reach lengths of 0. Ballard – The Atrocity Exhibition Jul 06, 2019 · No Longer Humanoid I made a new art blog! @musi-chan. Discover more posts about fyodor-x-reader. Fictional Crush Imagines and Prompts. Don’t worry, I don’t bite ^v^. Pan said, coming from around the tent. sync. 55 notes 'you what' imagine fedya's face IMAGINE, a college Fyodor AU, with him doing like, a graduate degree in Computer Science. Adam Driver finally confront John Oliver. haha, i’d totally do FMK for the whole cast of khr, i love di that manga soooo much! fuck: Mukuro. May 09, 2019 · Can you imagine the scene 😩 . Nakahara Chuuya Chuuya bsd chuuya bungou stray dogs chuuya chuuya x And when I look up to the sky, see all the changing colors and the moving clouds. He looked your way, a smile growing on his face. There you are!”. dostoevsky fyodor dostoevsky literature demons the possessed mavriky nikolayevich aleksey nilych nikolai stavrogin nikolai vsevolodovich stavrogin lizaveta nikolayevna pyotr verkhovensky verkhovensky classic lit memes classic lit classical literature classical literature memes i added tags using mass post editor so if it's wrong Fyodor: *trying not to laugh* You what? Fukuchi: *crying* I LOST BRAM. they are velvety squooshy soft to the touch, and have between 13 and 43 pairs of adorable tiny feets (depending on species). Fyodor Dostoevsky. But he loves you v much and he really is trying 🥺. Tumblr. Asagiri Kafka, the creator of Bungou Stray Dogs, is a writer, so technically he can write himself into BSD as one of the characters. I’m also mod Tsu for @bhna-imagines so yeah. Moriarty, from “Moriarty the Patriot”. So you’ll notice my rules for this blog are way different than the ones for bnha one. “Ah, Fyodor. The eyes in the BSD manga are really important. it must be so intoxicating! Generally, in Chuuya’s life people used him for his power and for what he could do for them. so you keep it to yourself till nikolai finds out somehow and you confront him about it bc he‘s literally the only person you can tell rn. Fyodor feels it is his god-sent purpose to cleanse the world of its sins, his motto being, “Let the hand of God guide you. and he feels so sad for you and goes to talk with fyodor about it (without ღ Charcter(s): Mori Ougai, Fyodor Dostoevesky, PM! Dazai Osamu. And I’ll sing you to sleep and I’ll sing you tomorrow. 671 pages. As for maid of honour, if Chuya had any choice it would go to Koyo without a doubt. adam driver driverdaily john oliver last week tonight with john oliver bbelcher cinemapix filmtv tvandfilm dailyshowbiz myedit. ” ⌗Fyodor is definitely a top this bitch will rather die than being a bottom. they come in many colors, though Red Flavor is probably the most well-known. Tracked tag is: imaginexmen. He imagines himself to be a great man, a Napoleon: acting for a higher purpose beyond conventional moral law. 1629234665. As the stars appear they decide to lay out and watch. f/o imagine selfship selfship imagine selfshipping imagine did y'all miss me? haha. ) A less plausible scenario, but the one that I want to see the most is that Katai escaped. 1 Month. F. asks, submissions, and requests are very welcome. But yes I will not be active on this account for a very very long time,,I’ll see you guys another time! Feb 25, 2020 · See more posts like this on Tumblr. - S/O follows him into the elevator of a building; The elevator ride was a long, silent one. — But let’s just say some maniac with a really high IQ decided to kidnap you. she got a short heart attack. Aug 07, 2021 · Unless potential lip balm model is Fyodor 3 months ago on Saturday, 7 August 2021 bestie ariel 💞 you know who the crusty man and potential lip balm model is hate to break it to you but your mans is freaky Aug 01, 2020 · May I ask for a scenario or headcanons for chuuya, fyodor and dazai when they come home and see they female s/o laying heavy breathing on the floor. I’m a simp for nerds. For one thing, I was finally able to find the time to finish The Idiot, a truly fascinating novel by the equally fascinating writer, Fyodor Dostoevsky. FYODOR FEET. Hi, everyone! This is a blog for everyone who adores Organization XIII. No jpegs, png or gifs. “Sunshine boy~” you called, watching him walk from his social studies class. ⌗ Hes not someone very vocal when you both do it. ” Sigma doesn’t know where he belongs, since his origination comes from a page in the Book, and is fueled by the desperation to find a reason to live. ” Your naive unconditional love, slowly, I want to watch it crumble. The rest of their friends have gone home and it is just the two of the sitting and watching the fire die out. 2 to 8 inches depending on species. By Fyodor Dostoevsky. Fyodor is meticulous and wouldn’t be sloppy (as Ace can testify from the grave RIP) but with all the creative uses of abilities lately, I’d imagine Katai’s ability might be able to help him out somehow. When I was a kid I barely ever saw my dad and my mom basically raised me as a single parent, I have social anxiety which makes me be as jumpy and insecure as him, have a tendency to talk to myself and am fairly small and I will go out of my way to help ppl. Rules. You guys are still very awkward, still getting to know each other and can’t remember Zhongli’s favorite things. - Akutagawa keeps glancing away from S/O and was making the occasional cough. That line in Dark Water, ‘Do you think I care for you so little, that betraying me would make a difference?’. Thinking about William calling Sherlock the devil after he offered William his hand and salvation and life side-by-side with Sherlock because he was tempting William with something he didn't think could be real so badly and so he desperately refused it trying to stick to his moral principles. “I used to imagine adventures for myself, I invented a life, so that I could at least exist somehow. I can only imagine! - my first friend on tumblr!!! dazai x reader bsd dazai bungou stray dogs x reader dazai osamu bsd fyodor fanfic. I can already imagine by the end of it and after everything’s gone back to normal, Mori with his cat-like smile asking for the ‘payment’. He won’t mind you accompanying him it cuddling up to him when he sits near the frost covered window in his home or study. I cannot imagine anything more enticing than the knowledge that your partner wants you as much as you want them. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Imagine your otp sitting at a bonfire. Look at this. Having no sources of intimacy in your daily life and therefore resorting to learning as much as you can as a way to pass the time is such a sad cycle, every single day its like what can I become obsessively interested in this time to vaguely simulate companionship and a temporary sense of purpose that I know will eventually make me feel even more alone because even if I Back to the years of loo-li lai-lay. - The elevator arrived at the final stairwell of a building. 林俊良 LIN JUN LIANG . And by the time he's playing the card game with ace, it's 8:15. also, it’s kinda short. He might not ever grieve the loss of a loved one, but he knows you're in pain and he wishes deeply that he could alleviate that pain somehow. See a recent post on Tumblr from @zodiacsweb about fyodor x reader. " — Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground (via lilyrevelis) nineteencigarettes:. Jun 11, 2018 · Thoughts on Dazai, Fyodor and manipulation. Yes, I can use proxi but I don’t want to risk after my PC was fixed after my previous hard drive died. — I can’t even imagine anyone pulling this off. They Can’t Know: Requested; Since your requests are open, can you write one where the reader is just a badass hunter who loves to kill shit, and Dean thinks he is starting fall for her, but the Sam and Dean don’t know she is half demon, please. Take some of the Lost Boys out hunting Felix. Imagine knowing everything about Merlin’s past and Escanor finds out, so he asks you for help with asking her out. Much to his S/O’s curiosity. Jun 21, 2018 · The main character in Crime and Punishment, Raskolnikov, killed an old woman he deemed as wicked and worthless. Fyodor would send them a safe distance from him and make sure Here are my 3 favorite characters from my 3 favorite animes. You followed Akutagawa up the stairs of the building. 1630652522. ( or, xiao wakes you up because he has made a shocking revelation™ ) The Idiot ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky In which the reader is the last Russian princess from our contemporary times and Fyodor is there to watch, observe, analyse and write a novel while being the reader’s Fan account of Fyodor Alexandrovich Vasilyev, a Russian landscape painter who introduced the lyrical landscape style in Russian art. Y/n and I need to have a chat. RWBY ZINE INFO POST. In the latest chapter, we get to hear Dazai & Fyodor talk about their methods from their own mouths. 88 notes. Aug 10, 2019 · I think Chuya would likely ask Mori however. Nov 13, 2021 · The nickname you’ve loved the most for your boyfriend. fyodor dostoyevsky text quote quotes. Ballard – Crash. She giggled, her hand balled up in front of her mouth in a coy gesture, moving to her temple to protect the harsh wind from hitting her face. Fyodor Dostoevsky — Okay, you’re not in any way sane if you decide to mess with Fyodor like that. Fan account of Fyodor Alexandrovich Vasilyev, a Russian landscape painter who introduced the lyrical landscape style in Russian art. heart. 37 notes. [I’ve been loving reading imagines where your crush is jealous when you hang out with other guys and stuff, so heres one for you guys, it’s probably gonna be kinda long 🌟] Your camping out with a bunch of friends. Yukio Mishima – Thirst for Love. Thought we should let you know. May 07, 2019 · “I used to imagine adventures for myself, I invented a life, so that I could at least exist somehow. if YOU are interested you can find @/zinidea on instagram and contact them!! zine itself (4 sticker packs and 4 postcards included) cost It seems in my country some of tumblr function was cut, so I can’t see any pictures at all. Since June 17 . Because it does make sense. "I used to imagine adventures for myself, I invented a life, so that I could at least exist somehow. If Mahiru, Miu, Nagito, or anyone else would like to keep in contact with me, you’re free to message me on my main @kirumoni (pervisously mochiika). Christmas 5 – Chuuya x female reader: “The best Christmas gift is you”. 6, Hunter x Hunter, Noragami, Shingeki no Kyojin, Monster, Nabari no Ou, The Promised Neverland, Dorohedoro, Switch, The Canis Series, Himitsu May 31, 2021 · [so this was a long one that didn’t fit in tumblr window. Pan said, waving me into the tent with him. You’re home. See more posts like this on Tumblr. Imagine Asagiri Kafka as a character whose ability is the Book that can change reality and that Dostoevsky tries to obtain. He would be even more protective of his s/o during the pregnancy. He finds it so strange how you care enough to memorize his favorite food, how he likes to spend time, and all the details he thought were so pointless. Imagine being a runaway vampire that escaped Edinburgh and meeting Griamore and Dreyfus, who take you in and let you live with them. Masuji Ibase – Black Rain. Remember: The internet is a series of tubes. Now, in no particular order, from left to right, we have: Nanami, from “Jujutsu Kaisen”. “Very well thank you. Bungou Stray Dogs Imagines A BSD page for headcanons, prompts, and so much more! Please feel free to request any prompts, match-ups, what-if scenarios and galore~ -----The Ask Box, much like the Agency, is always open! danganronpa-imagines-and-stuff. honestly, he’s such a manipulative douchebag but people often forget that he’s actually the good guy there (he is the *one* fighting the mafia, i mean). - Certain nsfw situations/kinks . ღ Sefl Neglect. Imagine playing a game of long-term mental chess against Fyodor by using each of your own underlings and resources as the pieces. I don’t want to turn down one request and accept another along the same lines. earlalumina reblogged this from winterswake. “Well having a bad day isn’t as bad as losing a volleyball match”. As soon as your first symptom hits, Fyodor’s concerned. and yeah, he has the looks and sex appeal, not to mention he’s second in my top five, but having a long-lasting relationship with that Feb 08, 2018 · Bungou Stray Dogs Imagines A BSD page for headcanons, prompts, and so much more! Please feel free to request any prompts, match-ups, what-if scenarios and galore~ -----The Ask Box, much like the Agency, is always open! Jun 13, 2020 · Kageyama doesn’t mean to tease you. Feb 04, 2019 · Seven Deadly Sins x Reader. He won’t admit it, but you can notice that he’s more clingy. someday. And. Before the game, Fyodor sends his “tools” to scrutinise yours and you do the same. Oscar Wilde – The Picture of Dorian Gray. Ewan McGregor as Dan Torrance in DOCTOR SLEEP (2019) Feb 23, 2020 · Imagine what he felt in this moment. It's 8:10 when he's talking to karma. You're both laying on the bed with him between your legs, smirking up at you as you writhe under his amused gaze. They are one of the most important things in BSD because they really do tell a lot about the character and their mental health. characters: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Nikolai Gogol, Sigma. I still love fedya and wish him all the best cause he is,,,heh. · Fyodor likes looking at the snow when he wants to think or when something is on his mind-it’s very peaceful and serene. He instantly regrets it once it leaves his mouth. You’re someone new to his life and it’s overwhelming but exciting for him. My heart gets so overwhelmed with love and joy, I want to cry. Raskolnikov, a poor and desperate former student, wanders through the slums of St Petersburg and commits a random murder without remorse or regret. iconic. Nov 06, 2016 · Imagine accidentally starting a war with Dean - a war to embarrass each other. Touches are an important aspect in dating Fyodor. I put a cut since it’s a bit long! Originally posted by corpse-dancer. Oct 27, 2021 · Imagine if Fyodor lived a normal life but woke up one day and then decided to become a terrorist Also can I be the 🦉 anon? :D LMFAO imagine if he doesn't actually have any trauma he just woke up evil Jun 24, 2020 · The Sick Artist Fyodor Bronnikov. Keep reading. Honestly, I can't see FYODOR ever giving someone oral, but we're going to pretend he does for this imagine. Legolas turned his head at the soft, gentle voice and saw Y/n surrounded by the little hobbits. He understands that he knows nothing of the emotion that you're going through, so he really is kind of going through a fake-it-until-you-make-it version of empathy. also, they don’t i think im in love with you. Bless you with love for the road that you go’. fyodor imagines tumblr

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